Social Welfare

The temple is run by Matadisha Sadhguru Sri Sri Sri Brahamananda Saraswathi Swamiji with the cooperation of trust members and devotees. 'Annapoorneshwari,' a 'annachatra' with four floors is built opposite to the temple to provide free meals for devotees every noon. A lodge is also built near the temple for devotees.

The Ashrama has been converted into a Math and 'Athmananda Saraswati Vidyalaya' is being run which gives free education with food and shelter for 310 children. Swamiji also runs 'Sadguru Shri Nityananda Makkala Anathashrama,' an orphanage centre.

Swamiji teaching Meditation at School

Swamiji Teaching Bhagavath Githa at school

Swamiji is giving free Vedic education in 'Vedapatashale'

Swamiji with Vedha students in Meditation

Swamiji runs a goshala at his Gurudeva Ashrama

Swamiji also runs a Technical institute "Shree Athmananda Saraswathi ITI" at Udupi. In this institute we provide free education to poor students by the help of trust members and devoties.